Full day to Delphi

Full day private tour to Delphi

Duration: 9 hours

Athens - Levadia - Arachova - Delphi - Athens

On your way to Delphi your tour guide will give you information about all the places you will drive by, such as the area where the Marathon battle was fought, and also prepare you for your visit to Delphi.

Once in Delphi, your tour guide will give you a guided tour of the museum in which one can see among other archeological treasures, the unique bronze statue of the charioteer. Then proceed though the sacred way to the Athenian treasury, the stoa of Athens, the temple of Apollo, where the oracle was and the theater.

On your way down you can stop and drink water from the ancient sacred Kastalia spring, where all visitors would get purified, before entering the Oracle. Nearby lays the ancient gymnasium and the site of Athena Pronaia.

After your guided tour in Delphi, which will approximately take 2 and a half hours, you can visit and walk through the village of Arachova, which is famous for the handmade wool clothing and flocati rugs, as well as its dairy products.

Then you can have lunch at a taverna, either in Delphi, or Arachova and taste all the local cuisine specialties.

Your guide will be with you all the time, to answer your questions, translate and give you suggestions.

Transportation by a luxury type private car, minivan or minibus with a professional, English speaking, non-smoking driver.

This tour is also offered unescorted. Local private guided tour can be arranged in Delphi.

If you wish to prolong your tour an interesting experience would be to visit the famous monastery of Osios Loukas, a UNESCO monument dating back to the 10th century.

All private tours can be customized so don't hesitate to contact us in order to plan your tour according to your special preferences, interests and time frame.