Full day Mykonos to Paros

Start your very special day on board the luxury motoryacht from Platys Gialos and leave Mykonos behind, as you head off towards Paros Island, a place of considerable history and tradition.

Figuring among the best summer destinations among the Cycladic Islands, Paros combines a unique and enviable way of combining some modern infrastructure with traditional architecture and the authentic spirit. Located in the center of the Aegean, Paros is amongst the preferred holiday destination of Greece, attracting each year thousands of visitors and famous personalities, mainly due to its landscape and beautiful beaches.

As you sail away from Paros, the next stop is one of the fastest-growing boutique destinations of Greece, Antiparos. With many rich, famous and not so famous people, gathering in this tiny strip of land every summer, Antiparos has every reason to be one of the destinations we want you to visit. Nearby Despotiko, home to the second largest Apollo sanctuary after Delos, certainly is an interesting add-on to our day trip. Following this full, but exciting day, you will return back to Platys Gialos for the end of the trip.