Full day trip to Aegina

The cruise will be 9 hours long and will start from Alimos marina in Athens to visit the nearby island of Aegina with its beautiful beaches, the picturesque town and the ruins of the ancient temple of Aphaia.

You will depart from the port at 10:00 am and sail south towards the nearby island of Aegina. After an approximately 2 hours journey you will reach the first swimming spot in one of the carefully selected bays, where you can enjoy the sun, the sea and have a drink.

The captain is very experienced and knowledgeable with the area, and he will select the ideal spots for our swimming and lunch-time. During the two hours stop at Aegina island you will have the opportunity to taste local delicacies prepared & served by the crew especially for you. After enjoying your light lunch you will head into one of Aegina’s harbors.

Depending on the weather conditions you will reach either either Agia Marina in the northeast part of the island or Souvala at the north of the island. There you will have approximately two hours at your disposal with the choice to visit the breathtaking ancient temple of Aphaia, or just sit in a café and explore the town. At around 17:00 you will depart from Aegina to make your way back to Athens, with the approximately arrival time being at around 19:00. This will conclude the full day private experience of swimming, exploring, and discovering an island near Athens.