Athens Walking Food Tour

Athens Walking Food Tour 6 hour

Guidance all the way - walking tour through Syntagma square, the Athenian trilogy, the tomb of the unknown soldier, the National garden, the Zappion Mansion, the temple of Olympic Zeus and Plaka and Monastiraki - guided visit of the New Acropolis Museum - guided visit of the Acropolis Hill

This tour includes most of the highlights of Athens, one can see in one day.

You will be met by your licensed tour guide in a designated area by the Syndagma square. Close by is one of the oldest and most famous bakeries, where you will be able to taste the best "tyropita" - cheese pie and other "phyllo" famous Greek snacks.

In my description will be mentioned all the spots, where you will be able to taste special Greek Delights and snacks, that the locals love and travelers wouldn't easily have the chance to learn about. In case you are not interested in that part of the tour, we can exclude it and stick with the rest of the program, or we can customize that even more, according to your preferences.

Then you will walk through Stadiou str. and by the old Greek Parliament house to admire the Athenian Trilogy on Panepistimiou str. The Athenian Trilogy is consisted of three magnificent neoclassical buildings the University of Athens, the Academy and the solid marble national library. Walking up Panepistimiou str. you will make a stop at the tomb of the unknown soldier, in front of the Greek Parliament House in time to watch the change of the guards.

Then you will proceed to the National Garden, grabbing a koulouri with sesame seeds to taste and stopping for the "must taste" Greek coffee, in the gardens area, which makes you feel like you are no longer in the big city.

From there you will proceed to the Zappion Mansion, a very impressive building, which having been built in 1896, it served as the offices of the Olympic committee, during the Worlds first Modern Olympics.

Passing by the Arch of Triumph of Hadrian, you will walk across to the pedestrians street that leads to the Acropolis and you will stop at the outdoor area of a shop that sells the famous Greek yogurt with honey, or home made fruits sweets.

A stone's throw away from there is the New Acropolis Museum, where you will spend aprox. 1 and a half hour, seeing parts of the excavations of the ancient city through its glass floor, an amazing exhibition of “Kores “and “Kouroi” statues, the Karaiatides, e.t.c. As you will be ascending the different levels of the museum, you will reach the top floor, all glass, where admiring the remaining pediments and freezes of the Parthenon, you will also have an excellent view of the Parthenon itself. This is the next best view of the Parthenon , if someone for any reason doesn’t decide to climb up the Acropolis hill.

It is 156 meters (about 600 feet) up to the top of the Acropolis and most of the ancient marble paths are still there, for you to walk on and to” travel” with your imagination ,back in the glorious “Golden Age of Pericles”, when most of the Classical period monuments you will admire were built. Climbing up you will see and hear explanations about the Filopappos hill, the Herodium odium , the Dionysius theatre , the Pnyx hill- birthplace of Democracy and the Areopagus hill.

Stopping before the Propylea, you will have an excellent view of the temple of Wingless Nike and the Ancient Agora, where Socrates, Plato, Aristotle introduced great philosophical schools. Walking through the Propylea you will reach the top and you will see the breathtaking Parthenon and the Erechtion temple opposite it.

At the end of the guided tour, you will enjoy some free time to explore on your own and take pictures of the roof tiles of the buildings in the Anafiotika and Plaka districts, the Lycabetus hill e.t.c. Meeting your guide down the hill you will continue down to the other side of the sacred hill, passing very close to the Areopagus hill and walking outside the Ancient Agora.

Walking down from the Agora to the other side, you will be right into the flea Market area - Monastiraki and you will have the chance to go and taste gyros and pita, at the oldest and most famous restaurant in Athens.

After that, you can spend more time on your own in that area or Plaka, or you can walk back to Syndagma, with your guide.

The order of the visits on this tour might change, according to your guides judgment, depending on the weather, traffic or other reasons that might affect the timings and your enjoyment, which is our main goal.

The tour includes:

  • Full time escort throughout the tour and private guided tour of all the monuments of the city of Athens by a professional licensed tour guide.
  • Private guided tour of the New Acropolis Museum.
  • Private guided tour of the Acropolis Hill.
  • Cheese pie, koulouri, Greek yogurt, coffee and pita gyros for eneryone.

All private tours can be customized so don't hesitate to contact us in order to plan your tour according to your special preferences, interests and time frame.